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Auto body repair goes beyond fixing scratches and dings that can affect a car’s cosmetic effect.

B&B Auto Body Works, Inc.

Is a Lakeland auto body shop that specializes in an area of automotive repair that is often –and unfairly- neglected. Auto body repair goes beyond fixing scratches and dings that can affect a car’s cosmetic effect. The proper repair of a car’s outer structural framework is essential to the driving experience, particularly after a vehicle has been involved in an accident.

we believe

At B&B Auto Body Works we believe that efficiency and professionalism are at the heart of the customer experience when it comes to post-accident auto body repair.

Our approach to dealing with post-crash auto body repair is to ensure that our work has a deeply positive effect in our clients.

Having to go through a motor vehicle accident is a very traumatic experience in and of itself due to the high level of stress experienced by a person during a car accident. This is the reason why many drivers experience emotional strain when getting back behind the wheel after an accident. The lingering effect of post-accident trauma can become greatly exacerbated when drivers continue to be exposed to the common stressors of daily life, such as dealing with poor customer service.

We are fully aware that we can make a difference in our clients’ lives by bringing them peace of mind when they need their vehicles repaired after an accident.

Our customer satisfaction strategy

courtesy and professionalism

Our staff is properly trained in the two factors that make the auto body repair process an enjoyable experience for our clients

modern body repair techniques

Our auto technicians use modern body repair techniques and the best refinishing materials to ensure that our clients’ vehicles are returned to their optimal condition

business processes

We have carefully implemented business processes that make life easier for our clients. From the work estimate process to vehicle towing, our post-collision services have been designed to make certain that our clients are not separated from their cars for too long, and to also ensure that vehicles are returned looking their best.

Simply put, our shop offers

the best Lakeland paint and body services

Proudly Using Quality Products