auto body

The first step of our Lakeland automotive paint and repair services begins with the initial contact. If the driver has been involved in an accident, it is recommended that B&B Auto Body Works, Inc. be the first contact after all other essential phone calls to family, emergency services, law enforcement, and insurance providers have been made.

In case the vehicle suffers significant structural damage as a result of the accident that prevents safe driving, our clients should not worry about transportation. B&B Auto Body Works keeps a fleet of tow trucks available to clients 24 hours a day. These trucks are immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident and promptly brought to our repair facility. We are proud to run the best Lakeland automotive service in terms of structural and cosmetic repair, and we believe that the faster we dispatch our towing vehicles, the better the overall customer experience for our clients.

For clients who need alternative means of transportation while their vehicles are in our shop, we can easily assist with the coordination of obtaining car rental services that are just a phone call away. We also help our clients with the complex insurance claim filing process. B&B Auto Body Works has been in business for a few decades and is well-acquainted with all the intricacies of the insurance claims process. Over the years we have worked with a network of insurance adjusters, claims processors and even underwriters who often call our shop to clarify information about motor vehicle accidents and the repair status.

We strongly suggest that all our clients beware of potentially unscrupulous insurance company employees who may try to direct them to a specific auto body shop in the Lakeland area. Such a tactic is often underhanded and could end up exacerbating the process. We work with virtually all auto insurance companies, and thus we can complete the repair process quickly and effectively without our clients having to be concerned about what’s happening behind the scenes with the insurance companies.

Something that sets us apart from the rest is that we actually take the time to explain the entire process to our clients, and we don’t begin to work on vehicles until we are certain that everything has been thoroughly explained and understood.