towing 2

While the first part of the post-collision repair process at B&B Auto Body Works, Inc. begins with the initial telephone contact, we believe that our Lakeland towing service is what truly sets us apart from the rest. Our towing vehicles, their drivers and assistants are the first face-to-face contact that our clients experience. Their foremost mission is to ensure that our clients are made to feel at ease and comfortable after having gone through the deeply disturbing experience of a car crash. Highway accidents are not the only situations that may require our towing services. In case of vehicle breakdowns, and other accidental circumstances, our fleet of Lakeland towing vehicles, drivers and technicians also offer their technical know-how to provide roadside assistance services that can quickly put drivers back behind the wheel of their vehicles.

Just like the rest of our staff, our towing personnel are made aware of the heightened emotional state that our clients find themselves in after a motor vehicle accident. To that extent, we train our salvage and roadside assistance personnel to ensure that they behave in a way that is not only professional, but also highly considerate of the matter at hand.

We understand that our fleet of tow trucks represents our image outside of the shop, and thus we go to great lengths to ensure that our Lakeland FL towing service surpasses the expectations of our clients, and that our rates are reasonable and competitive. Since accidents and breakdowns often occur unexpectedly, we highly recommend that you keep our telephone number handy –just in case.